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At some point, we come to realize it might be time for a new garage door and people upgrade for different reasons. Some homeowners plan to sell their home and upgrade their garage door to increase the curb appeal thus, increasing the property value. However, a number of customers who are looking for garage door repair and installation in San Marcos CA get diagnosed with complicated garage door repair situations by other repair companies and for some reason, many of those jobs don’t get done right. At Door Dorks, we can fix any issue you may have with your garage door in a matter of no time — with our team of professional and highly-skilled technicians.

Door Dorks is your dedicated local garage door company serving clients with garage door repair San Marcos, CA. With years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver top quality garage door service that every good-paying customer deserves. So when your garage door spring breaks or you have an out of track garage door, we’ll be at your service.

Our Garage Door Repairmen Emphasize Quality & Efficiency

Door Dorks offers a wide range of choices for garage door repairs and installation in San Marcos, CA that serve different budgets. You can rest assured that our team is readily available to address all your garage door service needs at the price that makes the most sense for you. We practically carry a wide range of garage door manufacturers and products to deliver the service you need. We are proud of our accurate, ethical consultation and evaluations, which are key factors to delivering and installing the best garage door solutions at the most client-friendly prices that the industry can offer. Want to learn more about our garage door installation services? Contact us!

We ask the right questions to find the best solutions for you. We can work with you or with your designer to deliver the best looking garage door in the neighborhood. Stock doors can be installed the same week!

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Call Us When Your Garage Door Won’t Open!

Your garage door opener is a crucial part of your garage door because it is the motor and controls when your garage door opens and closes. If your want your garage door to have a smooth operation, then you need a healthy garage door opener. We understand how important your garage door functionality is, which is why we offer garage door opener repair near San Marcos CA. 

Our team of expert garage door technicians has experience working with all types of garage door openers including chain drive openers, belt drive openers, wall mount openers, and smart garage door openers. We can confidently handle your garage door opener repair near San Marcos CA any day of the week! 

When you call us for a garage door opener repair, we come prepared with a variety of tools and replacement parts so that we can quickly get your garage door opener back working like new! Whether your garage door opener needs a new circuit board or bolts tightened, Door Dorks can take care of your garage door opener repair! 

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Signs You Need Garage Door Opener Repair Near San Marcos CA

  • Your garage door shakes when opening.
  • Your garage door opener is making loud or abnormal noises. 
  • Your garage door opens halfway and stops. 
  • Your garage door is stuck open. 
  • Your keypad or remote is not working. 
  • Your garage door opens or closes by itself. 
  • Your garage door begins to close and suddenly reverses.

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Yes, Door Dorks is available for emergency garage door repair near San Marcos CA! You can call us when it is best convenient for you, and we will quickly handle your emergency garage door repair near San Marcos CA. You can book emergency garage door repair by calling 770-290-4564

If your garage door is opening crooked, then that means your door is unbalanced. This unbalance is likely caused by a broken garage door spring. This is a clear sign that your garage door spring is close to breaking, so you should have a garage door spring replacement done as soon as possible. 

Here are the most common signs that you need garage door repair service:

  • Your garage door opens slowly.
  • Your garage door is making unusual noises. 
  • Your garage door jerks when closing. 
  • Your garage door is unbalanced. 
  • Your garage door panels are damaged. 
  • Your garage door is sagging. 
  • The door is off track.
  • You have a loose spring. 
  • Your garage door has unreliable opening and closing.

The Door Dorks Difference

Door Dorks

Door Dorks is people-focused. It is our goal to provide the highest quality garage door repair and installation in San Marcos CA and the surrounding areas. From your first call to your appointment with one of our friendly repairmen to cleaning up after the job, we guarantee satisfaction. We care about our customers and work to ensure you get the best local services for garage door repair.

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I love this company.
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Eric H.

I love this company. The people are kind, respectful and quick to respond. I have used them twice and both times they have been convenient and helped me repair my garage door and get on with my life. The most recent time, I met with Adam Caricone, who arrived early, worked hard and would not give up until he solved my garage door problem. Their prices are fair and they are a local company. I highly recommend you give them a try.

They went out of their way to make sure that we were completely satisfied.
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Stephen B.

Everyone at Door Dorks is great! We had our garage door opener installed by them. So, when it came time to get a new garage door, we went right to Door Dorks. Gina came out to see our home. She made sure we got exactly what we wanted. Last, but not least, John and Adam came out to install our door. They did an excellent job. They went out of their way to make sure that we were completely satisfied. What a difference! Our home looks amazing.

Couldn't have had a smoother experience.
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Excellent responsiveness and service. I called this morning. They got me on the schedule same day. Adam, my Technician, was knowledgeable, professional, and down to earth. A pleasure to work with. He made an assessment and did the repair in under an hour. Couldn't have had a smoother experience. Highly recommended.

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