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Garage Door Services & Repair

If you have a damaged garage door, repairs must be made promptly if you want to protect the safety and security of your home. And if you don’t want the same problem to happen again just a few weeks, months, or years later, it’s crucial to choose an experienced garage door repair company that prioritizes your satisfaction over its bottom line.

Choose the best of the best for your garage door repair services in San Diego County, CA — choose Door Dorks! For over 12 years, Door Dorks has been Southern California’s choice for local overhead garage door repair. Our team is proud to offer an extensive suite of residential garage door repair services in San Diego County and Temecula, CA. We also specialize in garage door installation, garage door tune-ups, and garage door spring repair. Whether your garage door won’t open or close or you just want a fresh look for your property, let us know what you need, and a friendly licensed garage door repairman will come out to your home ASAP.

Want to learn more about our garage door repair services in San Diego County, CA? Looking for more specific information about electric garage door repair? You’re in the right place! Keep reading to learn about the most common local overhead garage door repairs we perform.

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Garage Door Cable Repair in San Diego County, CA

Without working cables, your garage door wouldn’t get very far. If your cables are too loose, too tight, frayed, or full-on broken, call our team for garage door cable repair. In the meantime, be careful to avoid entering or exiting your garage. If your cables aren’t supporting the door’s weight, the door could end up falling on people or pets in the home.

Nobody wants to hear that they have a busted garage door track, but unfortunately, tracks sometimes have a mind of their own. If you need bent or broken garage door track repair, we’ll be there promptly to give you a hand. We may be able to repair the track, or we may recommend a complete replacement.

You should always be especially careful if your door is having track problems since the weight of the door can pose a real threat to the members of your household. If you have noticed track mishaps or malfunctions, we recommend booking same-day emergency garage door repair.

If your garage door’s motor fails, your door will quickly go from “automatic” to “manual.” In some cases, you’ll also lose the safety protections granted by the motor’s sensors. Keep your door moving (and skip the annoying trips in and out of the car) with garage door motor repair. We have experience with many makes and models and are highly trained in all types of electric garage door repair, so you never have to worry that we can’t fix your door’s motor!

A well-insulated garage door needs a high-quality seal to maintain its temperature control. Unfortunately, seals are some of the most easily damaged door components due to their repeated contact with rough pavement. If your garage door seal has been through the wringer, book repair or replacement now before you end up driving your HVAC costs through the roof.

Do You Need the Best Garage Door Repairmen in San Diego County, CA?

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to determine if you need residential garage door repair services. Here are a few indicators that you need to call a garage door repairman:

  • Your garage door won’t open or close.
  • Your door has sustained damage due to impact with a car or object.
  • Your door is making unusual noises such as squeaking, crashing, or banging.
  • Your door is closing or opening unevenly or has “tilted” over time.
  • Your door has stopped responding to its opener some or all of the time.

A few particular situations may warrant same-day emergency garage door repair services in San Diego County, CA. If any of these situations are happening to you, do not attempt to operate the door again until your garage door repair company clears you to do so.

  • Your door is off track or seems to be coming loose from the track.
  • Your cables are frayed, snapped, tangled, or completely off the drum
  • Your door is stuck between fully open and fully closed.
  • Your door is visibly straining against the opener system.

Dealing With Broken Garage Doors in San Diego County, CA? Call Now!

Do you live in San Diego County or Temecula, CA? Be smart about your garage door and call the best garage door nerds in the business. Book garage door repair services in San Diego County, CA, with Door Dorks today, and get back to enjoying your home stress-free tomorrow. We’ll see you soon!

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I love this company.
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Eric H.

I love this company. The people are kind, respectful and quick to respond. I have used them twice and both times they have been convenient and helped me repair my garage door and get on with my life. The most recent time, I met with Adam Caricone, who arrived early, worked hard and would not give up until he solved my garage door problem. Their prices are fair and they are a local company. I highly recommend you give them a try.

They went out of their way to make sure that we were completely satisfied.
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Stephen B.

Everyone at Door Dorks is great! We had our garage door opener installed by them. So, when it came time to get a new garage door, we went right to Door Dorks. Gina came out to see our home. She made sure we got exactly what we wanted. Last, but not least, John and Adam came out to install our door. They did an excellent job. They went out of their way to make sure that we were completely satisfied. What a difference! Our home looks amazing.

Couldn't have had a smoother experience.
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Excellent responsiveness and service. I called this morning. They got me on the schedule same day. Adam, my Technician, was knowledgeable, professional, and down to earth. A pleasure to work with. He made an assessment and did the repair in under an hour. Couldn't have had a smoother experience. Highly recommended.

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