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Garage Door Spring Repair Near San Diego, California

When it comes to garage doors, second-rate service just won’t cut it. You use your garage every day, which is why you need nerd-level garage door repairs, replacements, and maintenance to ensure its silent, flawless performance. Since 2016, Door Dorks has been providing top-notch garage door service and parts throughout the San Diego area. Rely on us for all things garage related. Contact us for a garage spring repair quote today!

The Door Dorks Difference

When it comes to garage door spring repairs, it is extremely important that the company you choose is the best in town—one that knows the job very well and charges customers a fair price with transparent billing and no hidden costs. A professional is absolutely necessary for a garage door broken spring repair. Our team understands the proper materials, tools, and skills for the job all at a great price. 

Door Dorks is the top choice of many homeowners for garage door repair services, including broken spring replacement. Our company serves clients in San Marcos and the surrounding areas of San Diego. With decades of experience, you can rest assured that we are able to deliver the best service that the industry can offer. Integrity and passion for garage doors is our commitment to delivering quality services.

Garage Door Spring Repair And Other Services

Your garage door springs handle a surprising amount of tension every day, which is why they need to be repaired and/or replaced more often than other components of your garage door mechanism. This isn’t a service you should attempt on your own; the springs store significant energy, and if they fail while you’re handling them, they could break apart with great force and cause severe injuries. It’s best to allow a trained professional to carry out the service.

Here’s what we can do for you.

Broken Spring Replacement

Rusted and/or noisy springs are a good indicator that they need to be replaced. The springs are what help your garage door move up and down properly and keep it balanced. Garage doors typically have one of two different types of spring systems—extension or torsion springs. Extension springs are put above a horizontal track and are meant to handle less weight, which is why they’re usually what’s installed on residential doors. Torsion springs support heavier loads, which makes them suited to the demands of a commercial property. 

Door Dorks proudly offers garage door spring replacement to ensure their quiet, long-lasting functionality. We believe that garage door spring repair costs shouldn’t be something that keeps you from getting the service you need, so we offer competitive prices on garage door spring repair in San Diego.

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Broken Roller And Cable Replacement

Your garage door mechanism relies on the function of several moving parts to operate correctly—and the rollers and cables are some of the most important. The rollers, or wheels, serve to align your door and prevent friction while the door is moving while the cables work in conjunction with the springs to promote balance and smooth motion. 

When the rollers stop working efficiently, you will likely experience a screeching noise. With malfunctioning cables, you may find that the door doesn’t open and/or close all the way, or it leans to one side. Broken rollers and cables can be the result of oil loss, a broken hose, or pan—or something else entirely. It takes a professional eye to diagnose the issue and provide a reliable fix. Let us provide you with the first-rate replacement service you need to get rolling again!

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Other Garage Door Repairs

Door Dorks is a full-service garage door company, which means we can provide a full range of garage door-related needs for any residential or commercial make or model—including broken remotes, off-track doors, bent panels, unidentifiable noises, regular maintenance, full replacements, and emergency garage door repair. 

Unlike some door technicians, our honest and transparent team will never talk you into repairs you don’t need. Each service we conduct will be passed by you, explained in detail, and completed on time and to the highest level of quality. Learn more about what we can do for you today by speaking with one of our friendly team members!

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How often should I lubricate my garage door spring? 

You should lubricate your garage door spring at least twice a year with garage door lube. The best time to lubricate your garage door in spring is before summer and winter. This is when your garage door will endure the most climate change, so lubrication will help your springs get through it.

There are two main types of garage door springs: torsion springs and extension springs. We keep both of these in stock to perform spring replacements.

You will know it is time for a garage door spring replacement if you notice the following signs: 

  • Your garage door opens crooked or at an angle.
  • You heard a loud popping noise coming from your garage.  
  • Your garage door is heavy to open manually. 
  • Your spring is elongated. 
  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • Your garage door opens halfway and suddenly slams down.
  • Your garage door is making grinding noises. 
  • There is a 3-4” gap between the coils of your spring.
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I love this company.

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Eric H.

I love this company. The people are kind, respectful and quick to respond. I have used them twice and both times they have been convenient and helped me repair my garage door and get on with my life. The most recent time, I met with Adam Caricone, who arrived early, worked hard and would not give up until he solved my garage door problem. Their prices are fair and they are a local company. I highly recommend you give them a try.

They went out of their way to make sure that we were completely satisfied.

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Stephen B.

Everyone at Door Dorks is great! We had our garage door opener installed by them. So, when it came time to get a new garage door, we went right to Door Dorks. Gina came out to see our home. She made sure we got exactly what we wanted. Last, but not least, John and Adam came out to install our door. They did an excellent job. They went out of their way to make sure that we were completely satisfied. What a difference! Our home looks amazing.

Couldn't have had a smoother experience.

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Excellent responsiveness and service. I called this morning. They got me on the schedule same day. Adam, my Technician, was knowledgeable, professional, and down to earth. A pleasure to work with. He made an assessment and did the repair in under an hour. Couldn't have had a smoother experience. Highly recommended.

Reliable, Nerd-Level Service And Installation.

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