Simple maintenance tips for garage doors, Del Mar, CA

One of the most important factors that helps extend the lifespan of garage doors, Del Mar, CA is proper maintenance. Doing it isn’t complicated most of the time; however, many homeowners tend to forget to perform the needed maintenance because of their busy work schedules.

To help homeowners deal with garage door maintenance more easily, below are three simple tips:

Apply lubricants regularly (based on schedules recommended by your technician). This is to ensure that its mechanical component still works as smoothly as possible. When you apply oil on a regular basis, the chances that your garage door breaks become slimmer. In addition to that, you are giving your garage door an extra protection from rusting when lubricant is applied.

Be mindful of a clicking noise. Be observant enough about the mechanical functions of your garage door. If you notice a clicking noise from your its opener, it can be an indication of a variety of problems. It could be a security lock override, a faulty circuit board, or worn out garage door rollers. Don’t play a guessing game; you need to identify what exactly is causing the strange noise before it becomes a bigger issue that you are going to deal with in the future. Remember, if you think you can’t manage it on your own, seek help from your technician.

Deal with termite intrusion the soonest possible. This is particularly applicable to garage doors, Del Mar, CA that are made of wood panels. Why keep an eye on termites’ presence? Because, like other issues, it undermines your garage door’s structural safety. But how do you spot if there’s a potential termite problem? Well, they are not difficult to spot. If you notice any mud tunnels, a damaged portion of wood panels, or termite droppings called frass, then, most likely, termites are making a colony in your garage doors. Deal with it immediately.

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